The Black Order of Pan Europa

The Black Order of Pan-Europa was founded to re-presence the Shadow of the Collective Unconscious of the Western civilisations, to return it to its origins, to bring back the true spirit and ethos of the European Folk, and to bring back the Consciousness and Balance that has been lost to our society and civilisation.
The Black Order is a Sinister and Aeonic Order, which seeks to study the esoteric nature of history. This is done in order to aid the breaking of chains by the practice of the Sinister Dialectics, and by the use of Magick and Action, push us into a new Aeon and Consciousness.
The aim of The Black Order is to instigate change within society and to break the status quo. Ultimately, the Order seeks to aid fulfilment of the destiny of the West – that of Imperium, expressing the ethos of the Faustian soul and the creation of a new man: Homo Galactica.

Agios o Vindex!

Latest Herectical Texts

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